Pallet Sale FAQ's and Guidelines

Interested in buying a pallet? Each Tuesday and Friday we have a wide selection of Amazon return medium sized appliance and tool pallets.

1. Each pallet is $350

2. Each pallet will have a "BUY ME" sticker. If you remove the sticker, you will have the right to buy that pallet. You will have 5 minutes to pay for the pallet.

3. If you remove the "BUY ME" sticker and you do not pay within 5 minutes, we have the right to take the sticker back and give it to the next person that wants that pallet

4. All pallet sales are cash only and are final. No returns or refunds. 

Pre-Order Guidelines:

Missed out on a pallet or want to make sure you are guaranteed a pallet?

1. You can pre-order your pallet for the next pallet sale. 

2. Each event we will have a certain number of pre-order slots available. 

3. If you pre-order Friday, you will have a guaranteed pallet for the following Tuesday. If you pre-order Tuesday, you will have a guaranteed pallet for Friday.

  1. Each slot starting at slot 1 will be given 5 minutes to select their pallet. After 5 minutes we will allow the next slot number to come in and choose their pallet.
  2. If you do not choose your pallet within your 5 minute time slot, the next slot can then choose any remaining pallet
  3. If you do not arrive on time we will automatically move onto the next slot number
  4. If you do not like any of the pallets, you can defer to the next round 1 time only

4. If you would like to pre-order a pallet please call/text 661.407.2330 or come speak to us at the event.