Dispute Resolution

Before completing the dispute form, please note these key elements of our dispute policy:

  1. If you or an authorized third party have already removed the property, your dispute will not be considered.
  2. Property listed as salvage condition may not be disputed since it was identified as defective.
  3. If we shipped the property to you:
    1. The dispute form must be received within 3 (three) days (excluding weekends and U.S. holidays) from the delivery date.
    2. You agree not to sell and/or alter the property while your dispute is in process.
  4. Does my dispute require a photo or video?
    1. If you have a damaged item(s), a photo is required.
    2. If you have a functionality issue, a video is required.

We will update you on the status of your dispute via e-mail. Please allow approximately 10 (ten) business days for your claim to be processed. Claims without pictures will automatically be denied.